Affect the quality of the server how much SEO

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Website server is also known as website space or website host, of course, it is also one of the three major components of the website. A few days ago, I also wrote such an article: do SEO also need to start from the most basic three elements of the website. Since it is the three major components, of course is also a very important factor, but also can directly affect the SEO effect.
Hangzhou Rongbang website construction company tells you the details of website service selection:
Speed is the most concerned problem for each of our friends to buy space, which also directly affects the speed of our visit to the website. I believe you all like to browse some open fast website! I don't think anyone would like to wait a few minutes and watch the results on the website! I believe that spiders don't like to visit websites that are too slow, because they will fail to visit many pages. The result of this situation is that spiders may include the contents of our website as pages that cannot be opened, and some even have garbled codes.
The stability of general space can only be known by using it. In a short period of time, it is impossible to see whether a host is stable. The stability here means that no matter when the website is visited, the website is basically normal, except for the maintenance time of the website. Stability is overwhelming. If you can't open it for three days and two days, it will also reduce the user experience of the website. Over time, it may also cause the website spider to be unable to grasp frequently, and it will be K station because of this.
Security is the foundation of a website server. If the two conditions of speed and stability are satisfied, the security is not high. Frequent attacks will also affect the normal use of the website, but also directly affect the effect of SEO. Recently, we have also encountered such a problem. When the ranking is just rising, the website does attack. The main component of the program is deleted, which makes the website unable to visit. As a result, we find that the keyword ranking will disappear directly!
The above three factors can directly affect the SEO effect of our website, so we should first consider the above conditions when purchasing. Of course, there are some small details, if we can pay good attention to SEO is also very helpful. What else do I usually pay attention to
1. Independent IP
It is suggested that we do SEO website as far as possible to choose independent IP space, so we can not consider whether our website is affected by other websites under the same IP. This is only recommended to you to consider, generally there is no special requirements, just to reduce the impact of the site.
2. Server environment
This depends on the program we use. For example, if it is a PHP program, we recommend using Linux, because the security and stability of Linux system are much higher.
3. Line of server
For example, there are two lines, telecom and Netcom in China, which are also determined according to the use requirements of our website. The most commonly used line is the telecommunication line. If it is a small enterprise website, there is no special requirement. Also mainly depends on our website the target customer mainly comes from which region, if is the domestic server, this does not have this kind of statement!

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